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All is Lost


Thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish. Robert Redford is as always, thoroughly watchable, and the plot is simple, realistic and never dull.

I won’t say too much for fear of spoilers, but this is one of my more hearty recommendations in a while.

Sullivans Cove

Sullivans Cove is a Tasmanian whisky which recently won some awards. The American cask version is $160 AUD, and I decided to give it a try, despite the eye-watering price tag.

As a recent immigrant to Australia, I’m keen to try out a lot of Australian food and drink, a lot of it is excellent, oysters, chilli mussels, bay bugs, craft beers, even Cherry Ripes were kind of interesting.

The whisky has left me wanting a little. Don’t misunderstand me, Sullivans Cove is a nice whisky, quite tasty. $160 a bottle? No chance. $160 a bottle should mean it’s among the better whiskies in the world, in fact, that’s one of the awards it won.

I love the idea of countries other than Scotland making excellent malt whisky. Japan has done so with aplomb, I think New Zealand is getting there, and so is Australia. However, I think Sullivans Cove, though pleasant, in no way warrants the price tag. It’s similar to the NZ whisky South Island, which is cheaper, and not really any worse.

Again, I love the idea of small cottage industries for whisky on opposite sides of the globe it shows real creativity and patience (remember, the Lagavulin you drink now was laid down 16 years ago). I don’t think the results are quite there yet though, and not at that price. It’s reasonably rare, yes, but exclusivity is not the same as quality.

I wouldn’t buy this whisky again, frankly I’d rather have Johnnie Walker Double Black, but I’d be keen to see what they can make next.

New notetaking app

I recently purchased myself a new note-taking app. I was after a replacement for Evernote, as I found it somewhat slow, terribly so on my BlackBerry and not great on my Mac. I like Evernote because it’s not locked down to any one platform, and you can also do drawings, lists etc.

I looked around for an alternative, but nothing quite caught my eye, until I though perhaps this would be a good option for me:

A pen, and a notepad. Battery life is amazing, and the screen is very resistant to glare. Pretty cross-platform too, I understand pens from Pilot, Parker, even Bic also work on this pad.

Flux V - The Media Browser

Flux V has a media browser that can be popped up anywhere you might need to choose some media, such as a ‘background-image’ or ‘SRC’ on an IMG element.

The Media Browser has a tab for ‘Snippets’, so you can pop your remote image URLs in the Snippets and they will appear for quick access here.

Flux 5.0.5

A lot of bug fixes, and Brazilian Portuguese locale!

Get it now. 

Note : If you are using 5.0.0, sorry, but the updater is broken, you’ll need to download manually from

Flux V

Well, news does not get much bigger than this over here at The Escapers… After a lot of coding, designing, moving countries, getting a cat in and out of quarantine (I don’t think Scotch appreciated the effort involved), and a hundred other things, we’re finally releasing Flux V.

Flux V is the biggest update we’ve ever done at The Escapers, it’s bigger even than Flux 1 to 2. The code base is actually smaller than Flux 4, but we’re packing a lot of cool new stuff. We’ve got a whole new UI, it’s not changes in colours and icons, it’s the whole way Flux works. We’ve gone Mavericks only, as much as we wanted to keep on supporting older versions of OS X, even keep supporting PowerPC, is just wasn’t going to happen if we wanted to use all the latest stuff like ARC, 64-bit etc.

We’ve got newer, simpler ways of working, Master Elements are one area that has been replaced entirely, it’s simpler, cleaner and works perfectly with any server-side programming in PHP, Python, Ruby or whatever you please.

FreeCode is standard now, with many improvements allowing WYSIWYG editing of even badly broken or old HTML. We’ve got an inline editor for any page element, along with the DnD capability we’ve had since day 1.

I could go on, but the only way to get an idea for the scope of the changes in Flux V is go ahead to and download a free trial…

That brings us to the most important of this blog entry. That is to say thank you to our Flux community. Seriously, running The Escapers is a dream we’ve had for as long as either of us (Moray & Garry) can remember, and you guys and gals made it real. Thank you again for your patience, we know Flux V has been a long time coming, we only hope that you agree that wait has been worth it.

Surface 3

A fairly pathetic comparison by MS, yes, I’d expect it to be lighter, the Macbook Air is a laptop after all, it’s also the larger of the two Airs available they are comparing, I’m guessing the smaller one didn’t tip the scales the way they wanted it to…

No iPad comparison I see…

Advice to MS, stop comparing it to the Macbook Air, the Air is an awesome machine, the Surface isn’t, don’t draw attention to that.

They used to be able to boast the ‘Office advantage’ of the Surface compared to the iPad, the iPad now has Office, and it’s a modern one too, not a ropey, weird desktop thing.

I’d love to be a fly on the wall when a group of people decided it would be easier to put the Windows Desktop on the Surface, rather than make an up-to-date version of Office, it asks the question, what the hell is the Windows Office codebase like?

atomany asked: About FLUX 4. The environment is MAMP. I have observed: PHP, MySQL and Apache are functional. When debugging in FLUX, php code appears commented out! When viewing the source of the HTML document in Safari, all php code is grayed out! I have searched for the FLUX preference "Support Content Before HTML tags" and couldn't find it! Resetting didn't change anything. Reinstalling FLUX 4 didn't matter either. Is FLUX 4 capable of creating dynamic websites? Am I missing something? Please DON'T IGNORE!

Are you using FreeCode in Flux? If not, do so. Future versions of Flux will likely only use FreeCode, so we recommend that everyone use it.

whyduneedausername asked: Why does "The Escapers" offer an option to contact them via email and when they never respond? Second, why doesn't flux recognize legit code for video types? Flux (4.0 latest version) defaults to a closed tag for <source> under the <video> element when w3c and html5 doesn't require it. No matter how many times I make the change to the proper code, flux defaults it back to <source></source> instead of <source>bla bla bla >. Flux also doesn't recognize single quotes for the type='video source.

Hi there, We do try to answer all our emails, but mistakes happen. Unfortunately I don’t know your email address, so I can’t search our spam etc. Please email again, and we will get back to you.

Flux defaults to valid XML, as HTML5 does not require it, but XHTML does. HTML5 has no objection to valid XML, but XHTML certainly does object to non-valid XML, so it seemed an easy choice.

We try to make our code as valid as we can, but supporting two different ‘standards’ makes it difficult sometimes.