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Surface 3

A fairly pathetic comparison by MS, yes, I’d expect it to be lighter, the Macbook Air is a laptop after all, it’s also the larger of the two Airs available they are comparing, I’m guessing the smaller one didn’t tip the scales the way they wanted it to…

No iPad comparison I see…

Advice to MS, stop comparing it to the Macbook Air, the Air is an awesome machine, the Surface isn’t, don’t draw attention to that.

They used to be able to boast the ‘Office advantage’ of the Surface compared to the iPad, the iPad now has Office, and it’s a modern one too, not a ropey, weird desktop thing.

I’d love to be a fly on the wall when a group of people decided it would be easier to put the Windows Desktop on the Surface, rather than make an up-to-date version of Office, it asks the question, what the hell is the Windows Office codebase like?

atomany asked: About FLUX 4. The environment is MAMP. I have observed: PHP, MySQL and Apache are functional. When debugging in FLUX, php code appears commented out! When viewing the source of the HTML document in Safari, all php code is grayed out! I have searched for the FLUX preference "Support Content Before HTML tags" and couldn't find it! Resetting didn't change anything. Reinstalling FLUX 4 didn't matter either. Is FLUX 4 capable of creating dynamic websites? Am I missing something? Please DON'T IGNORE!

Are you using FreeCode in Flux? If not, do so. Future versions of Flux will likely only use FreeCode, so we recommend that everyone use it.

whyduneedausername asked: Why does "The Escapers" offer an option to contact them via email and when they never respond? Second, why doesn't flux recognize legit code for video types? Flux (4.0 latest version) defaults to a closed tag for <source> under the <video> element when w3c and html5 doesn't require it. No matter how many times I make the change to the proper code, flux defaults it back to <source></source> instead of <source>bla bla bla >. Flux also doesn't recognize single quotes for the type='video source.

Hi there, We do try to answer all our emails, but mistakes happen. Unfortunately I don’t know your email address, so I can’t search our spam etc. Please email again, and we will get back to you.

Flux defaults to valid XML, as HTML5 does not require it, but XHTML does. HTML5 has no objection to valid XML, but XHTML certainly does object to non-valid XML, so it seemed an easy choice.

We try to make our code as valid as we can, but supporting two different ‘standards’ makes it difficult sometimes.

calc1um asked: I just downloaded Stor, and I'm not sure how you point the program to the database you want to edit. For example do you use "username"/applications/MAMP/db/"file folder"/ "filename"? and which file extension? or there is another manner? Thanks Don

Hi Don,

You access your MySQL server via it’s network address. In your case, if your database is running on your Mac, then the network address is ‘localhost’. Then just use your username and password with that.

All the best


yoerc asked: ? Is there a tutorial for responsive web design or will this be the christmas present ;)

Check out our latest screencast!

Creating a Gallery with Lucid

Want a nice animated gallery you built yourself? Download the latest version of Lucid, and check out the new ‘Generated Gallery’ template!


Lucid is The Escapers newest App! We are really excited about this, it’s an odd app, very little to compare it to, but I’ll explain it as best I can…

Lucid creates Workflows for your webpages, i.e. want to pop open a menu when the user clicks a button, Lucid can help. Want to draw a chart based on remote data, Lucid can help.

Lucid gives you the building blocks, but what you build is up to you, and we can’t wait to see what you create!

Check it out here…

If you want to know where the name came from, it’s based on the term ‘Lucid dreaming’, we called it this, because the idea for the app literally came to me (Moray) in a dream, I even saw the UI in the dream, when I woke up, I knew what The Escapers next app would be.

Flux 4.1.3

This release sorts out a small issue with Media Browser on Mountain Lion.